The Five Energetic Intelligences

Mystics, yogis, healers, and shamans have observed energies within the body and multiple levels of energies around the body for ages. Scientific evidence of energy within and around the body is extensive. Uniting subjective observation of the body’s energies with scientifically verifiable observation leads to at least one significant insight; energies related to the complex biologic form are associated with states of consciousness. Combining this insight with the research into subtle energies, years of empirical practice using ‘‘energetic applications’’ and, more recently, correlating these applications to a preliminary survey instrument (questionnaire) designed to explore individuals’ aptitudes for certain types of energies, Epstein developed the terminology for EI as one way to describe this unique domain

of human experience.

Driven by these factors, EI has been furthered by utilizing the recent writings of philosopher Ken Wilber and collaboration with another one of the authors of the present article (Senzon). The concepts of these ‘‘energetic applications’’ extend to the research of Jonckheere about the coherent and soliton nature of the waves in the spine during NSA entrainments, to the current literature on the biofield as a dissipative structure and complex dynamic standing wave, the use of solitons by the connective tissues to transmit energy, nonclassical forms of energy, the role of electron excited states in biologic processes, and the soliton and acoustic nature of the action potential.

With further study and verification of the survey instrument, EI may represent a developmental stream along other multiple intelligences. For now, it stands as a useful heuristic device to assist individuals to access their inner resources in the easiest way possible to create the most dynamic change

in their Triads of Change and to have greater success as reorganizers. Research is planned to explore this energetic application in detail. There is enough consistent empirical evidence for this third component of ROH that it too can be applied across many disciplines.

One of the ways the individual may suspect incongruence in his/her Triad of Change is through the feeling of a drop in available energy and resources. With greater congruence in the triad, greater energy and resources become instantly available. With these greater resources, the system evolves and a new level of congruence/consciousness emerges, providing for what feels like a new life. Associated with each type of energy, there is an energetic intelligence.

ROH combines the wisdom of the ages with objective science by acknowledging that each individual is comprised of at least five complex fields of energy and information associated with specific EI; bioenergetic intelligence, emotional energetic intelligence, thought EI, soul energetic intelligence, and universal-spirit EI. Based on the background described above, it has been observed that each individual has competencies around specific energetic intelligences and these competencies are a way to harness important resources for the process of reorganization. In this way, the individual can learn to utilize resources efficiently and gain the intelligence associated with each.

Excerpt from “Reorganizational Healing: A Paradigm for the Advancement of Wellness, Behavior Change, Holistic Practice, and Healing” Epstein et al. The Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Volume 15, Number 5, 2009, pg. 484  Reprinted with permission from authors. References available in full manuscript.