The Four


of Wellbeing

The Four Seasons of Wellbeing—Discover, Transform, Awaken, and Integrate —refer to distinct rhythms or periods during one’s journey in life. As a metaphor for the journey, season is appropriate to ‘‘readiness’’ for reorganization just as seeds are planted or fruit ripens—all in their time. The seasons are different from developmental stages of life, although they may correspond at times to such stages. The seasons are used as part of the process of change by embracing the individual’s readiness for change in the context of the unique moment of his/her life. Thus, the seasons are not always sequential. They represent moments or periods in life. As higher baselines of reorganization emerge in the person’s life it becomes easier to live in certain seasons. After one has learned the gifts that each season presents, a new flexibility as a result of increased complexity, allows one to use each season to reorganize specific aspects of his/her life consciously.

The seasons appear to be universal in human experience as each encourages or influences unique perceptions, actions, thoughts, experiences, and energies. The seasons add timing to the self-assessment. This timing is distinct from other staged approaches to behavior change or any RET approaches. The influence of the season affects the type of intelligence one uses, the way a person goes about daily activities, and the resources available to that person. Each season represents the way a person receives and influences his/her environment and how this environment influences the person. Within each corresponding season, aspects of daily life are either encouraged or rendered difficult or impossible. The first three seasons, Discover, Transform, and Awaken, represent the stages individuals cycle through during stages of life and circumstances in life. The fourth season, Integrate, represents the ability to know and consciously choose the combination of seasons called for in various circumstances or life changes, and represents a high level of organizational integrity and communication across aspects of the individual’s life

Excerpt from “Reorganizational Healing: A Paradigm for the Advancement of Wellness, Behavior Change, Holistic Practice, and Healing” Epstein et al. The Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Volume 15, Number 5, 2009, pg. 478   Reprinted with permission from authors. References available in full manuscript.